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gorro Oslo Cairo (versión Urraca)

Urraca’s version (Ancient Egypt gallery, British Museum, London)

My inspiration came from a Medieval Egyptian sock now kept in the Textile Museum in Washington DC, USA (cf. Anahita’s rendering of the original sock ). I adapted its patterns to a generic Norwegian hat shape thanks to Hello Yarn’s template (used by permission). Hence the Oslo Cairo name.

I am not translating the pattern but I will provide some basic guidelines for those willing to knit the hat.

Yarn: Katia Merino 100% (100% merino wool; 50 g / 85 m)
1 ball in colour A, 1 ball in colour B
Urraca’s colours: A = brown (colour 21), B = yellow green (colour 29)
Mae’s colours: A = red, B = white
Needles: 4 mm and 3.25 mm 40cm long circular needles; 4mm DPNs (or 2 circs)

Label gauge: in st. st. 23 st. x 30 r. on 4 mm needles
My gauge: in stranded st. st. 24 st. x 26 r. on 4 mm needles

Final measures: My hat is 23 cm high and its diametre is 62 cm.

esquema Oslo Cairo (pinchar para bajarse el pdf) If you wish to knit the Oslo Cairo hat, you can follow the general pattern for Hello Yarn’s We Call ’Em Pirates (if you prefer to knit the hem at the end and sew it) or for Brooklyn Tweed’s Red Light Special (if you prefer to knit the hem at the beginning and knit it together with the hat) and substitute my chart for theirs. That should work fine. The main difference between my hat and theirs is that I did a shorter hem instead of the higher lining they chose because I used a very soft wool.

So it all amounts to: CO 128 stitches (with provisional method of your choice) and knit the hem (12 rows) on 3.25mm needles (either using leftovers in colour C or alternating colour A and B so as not to run out of yarn). Change to 4mm needles, knit one row, purl one row then start following the chart (on row 10 of the chart knit together the hem with the hat). That’s it!

The chart is available in the .pdf format (right click on the thumbnail of the chart to download my chart in the PDF format).

A last piece of advice: use the background colour (the lighter colour in the chart) as the dominant yarn when knitting the bottom and the top friezes and as the non-dominant yarn when knitting the gazelles and palmtrees motif and the crown triangles.

gorro Oslo Cairo (versión Mae)

Mae’s version (Debod Egyptian temple, Madrid)


Urraca teje en 4 idiomas y habla de punto en dos: tiene bitácora en francés, Churras con merinas, y portal y foro en español, Ibérica de punto.
Y por si fuera poco, ahora ha montado con Mae la revista Tejemanejes.

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